About - Neil Doren

My first interest in Photography began while in military service stationed on Oahu, Hawaii during the late 1950’s. The incredibly beautiful landscapes moved me to try and capture those images using transparency film.

During the 1980’s, I began to travel, mostly to the Caribbean, Mexico and Tahiti, and was again inspired to photograph.   In 1991, I visited my brother living in mid-coast Maine, who maintained a glorious garden during the summer, while weaving tapestries during the winter months.   The visual beauty of his garden by the sea and the Maine Coast in general, so captured me, that I have returned for f consecutive years.

In 2000, I purchased my first Digital Camera. By 2002, encouraged by response to my work,      I joined the Lakewood Photographic Society and began to participate in their juried print competitions with considerable success.

Eager to improve, I purchased new equipment (Nikon D-SLR) and have enjoyed the reception to my work and the awards that have followed.

From 2003-2007, My wife and I travelled within and outside the USA. The images captured on our various excursions led me to share them in a variety of Juried Fine-Art Outdoor Shows. In the ensuing years, I have enjoyed showing my Prints in a series of local One-Man Shows and participate in Juried Art Shows.  I'm grateful  for all  the awards that I have received and I'm always appreciative when my efforts are found pleasing to viewers.


My photography interests are varied, although I heavily lean toward Nature. Intentionally, I do not seek out specific subjects to photograph. I walk about with equipment in hand, and with eyes and mind open to the world around me, capture those images that call out to me.

My initial reward is when the emotions felt at the moment of capture are faithfully revealed in the ensuing final Fine-Art Print. The prints allow me to share those emotions with others. When viewers are able to feel from the finished print, something of what I felt at the moment of capture, my reward is complete!

Much of my time has been spent studying Fine-Art Printing in the Digital World, leading me to a deep love of the printed image.  In this new world of showing and sharing your Photography on Smart Phones and Tablets and HDTV surfaces, I fear that the Printed Image may fade away.  In my heart, I hope that there will always be a place for Fine Art Photography Prints.

I hope you find enjoyment in my work and encourage you to let this Artist know if you do so, by using my Contact Form.